Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 9, 2007 - Some catching up to do!

"Oh where or where has my little do---, blog gone?"

In honesty, it was on a haitus there for a couple of months and if I didn't write soon, Miss Linda - my mostest loyalest nicest fan (sucking up here) will fill out the paperwork for an APB, I'm sure of it. You do like cookies, right Linda? Ahem...on with the posting. It's been a long couple of months since I last wrote to all of you including and all of my wonderful MS'ers out there. This post may be long so please bear with me and if you have to -- go to the bathroom now BEFORE you get sucked in any further.

First let me say Happy New Year to all of you wonderful yous out there and hopefully the holidays have smiled on you. I hope you are all 1. healthy, 2. happy, and most of all 3. able to look ahead if the first two have failed you somehow. Second, My thoughts and prayers are with some families, three families in fact, who are close to my dear friends, the Snyders, and are all finding their lives upside down. May God bless those who are in need the most right now and keep them all in your hearts. Life changes in an instant. Be prepared.

After a few months of not sleeping and finding myself way out of whack, I was exhausted. Right before Thanksgiving, my body told me so. I was so sick I was in bed for three days. I lost weight this Thanksgiving, it was the only plus to the situation. I realized that I had not in fact slept through the night completely in over a month or so. When I thought about when the last time I slept through the night for two days in a row, I couldn't. I finally had enough. I made an appointment to go see my physician to see if I was indeed crazy. Alright enough with the laughing, I can hear you from here. Turns out I'm not --- so there you pack of smarty pantses giving me a nudge. :O) It turns out that I have a sleep anxiety that keeps my brain on the loose long after I'm ready to retire. It was taking me nearly 45 minutes to a couple of hours to fall asleep. Well, Dr. Cure (swear on my mom's life this is his real name) gave me a little something that was non-addictive to sleep. It worked like a charm and after two weeks. I slept 5 days in a row through the night. I realized I hadn't done that since I was diagnosed with MS almost 3 1/2 years ago. I guess we don't really think about things as much as we should. With MS, it's almost as if you dismiss actual symptoms because you can't tell them from the real stuff unless it really rears an ugly head. Am I the only one who does this? I would assume that I am not, but hey you know what they say about assuming things. Ah yea... see how well that phrase ends?

So some good news for all of you. First let me close by saying thanks for the virtual shoves, pushes, pokes and prods from all of you in the blogosphere. I promise that I will be back a bit more to uplift you all, enlighten you and just entertain you with my ramblings.

Ok, onto the good news. First of all Mike was named firefighter of the year for the city. I am so proud of him. He works very hard and he deserved the award and honor bestowed upon him this year at the annual awards dinner on December 9th this year. More good news... The day after Christmas Mike asked me to marry him. I said yes!, yes!, yes!, yes!, yes! (You get the idea here, I shant go on more like I did the day he asked me, LOL.) No dates set yet. There is still much to do before we think about thinking about a date. I received the most wonderful gifts for Christmas -- plenty of hugs and company from all of my family including my official new one to be, and the most wonderful husband to be.

Hands down this year has started with a bang. Give this year all you have and may all of your individual 2007's be nothing but banner. My thoughts are with all of you. In the words of that crazy Miss Spears, "God Bless Y'ALL!"


Sean Carter said...

Well we've done away with the old year and the new year has set in....lets all hope that the new year is filled with prosperity and love for all of us...well on this note i'd like you to drop by my blog sometime and share some of the love and my thoughts....visit soon and i'm sure you'll enjoy all that's there!!!

mdmhvonpa said...

HUZZAH! She is back!

A good night's sleep is greatly underrated. Glad you are getting some.

camille said...

Michelle, congrats on the engagement. glad you are on the mend

amber said...

Congrats on the engagement!!!! it was great seeing you at christmas.

Baitulos said...

**Hangs up phone with Minn. State Patrol since you've now been "located"**

Whoopty Hoopty Dooooo!!! She's baaaaack!!! And she's, "goin' to the chapel and she's...gonna get mare air air eed"...best singing I can do with typing...sorry. BUT, if you'd like me to sing at your weddin', well...LOLOL

Congrats dearest...I'm very very happy for you and very very glad you have resurfaced...sleep deprived (or depraved?) or not...

Linda D. in Seattle

Rogers Market said...

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Jaime said...

Congrats on the engagement! I am so happy for you and Mike. I wish you both all the happiness life can bring.

And, a good nights sleep! I think you are right about how we tend to ignore some symptoms as "nothing" because well it will go away or it is just part of MS. We are all guilty of that.

It is so good to hear from you. Please take care of yourself and keep in touch. I know you are about to get very busy....planning a wedding and all, but keep us informed from time to time as to how things are going. :)

Miss Chris said...

Glad your back!!!

Charles-A. Rovira said...


Much happiness to you and your intended. ("sniff" "sniff" I always cry at weddings [and I'm a guy!])

Best of luck, love, progeny and life.

Duchess von Schmolio said...


Homer said...

Michelle I read your blog today!

You must be very happy of your engagement. You are an inspiring person that is for sure.
Congratulations on your blog.
I'm homer and I have been suffering from Ms since 19! I'm 29 now and almost symptom free...!

Visit my website or my blog for more.
I wish you the best!

Have myelin? said...

Congrats on your engagement! And SLEEP! *bliss*

Dr. Cure? LOL!

Pamela said...

Congratulations!! Very happy to hear that you're doing better! Hope your year continues on this great role!

Anonymous said...


Oh wait, that's another great girl of the market.

[revised] BOOOO!!!!