Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 30, 2006 - One big catch up!

Ok. I 've been MORE THAN lacking for those of you who actually enjoy reading this thing (*wink, wink*) I can only offer the following explanations and beg for forgiveness from you my loyal fans.

1. My boyfriends house does not have internet and work isn't the ideal place to blog.
2. I've moved basically into my boyfriends house (sans the large furniture and kitchenware).
3. The ripped apart deck and newly painted house (boyfriends) has been taking up my free time.
4. When I get a chance to relax --I pick up my knitting needles because I have not knit in over a month.

I hope this helps. I have been battling some symptoms for the last couple of months that seemed to start in my feet such as my last two nasty attacks. Well they got better and decided to vacation somewhere else -- my arms! One arm has completely recovered, my left, but the right has yet to come around. I was without knitting for a month or so due to that painful feeling you get (those of us who have this LOVELY symptom) when you run your hands across anything with texture whether it's clothes, fabric to fold laundry, your own hair while washing or **sniff, sniff** yarn! I am bearing with it and sticking to my humourous self. I tried gloves and a sock to dampen the feeling. It's been really hot here and VERY humid. 100 degrees and 50-90% plus humidity. I applied for handicap plates to battle the elements such as these. I'm like a limp ragdoll by the time I get from the car to the grocery store in whether like this. Turns out I have to live and have a license in the same state. Oops. I guess that one bit me in the rump. I've lived here for over ten years and I still have a South Dakota license. I can't be expected to do everything you know! LOL. I watched another little sister graduate from high school this last Memorial weekend. I am so proud of her. She switched her mortar hat to Mickey Mouse ears before walking and walked through to recieve her diploma. Sneaky and brave girl. She normally would have needed some prodding. I think she might have had help with the encouragement. My sister Lacey was near her just before the switcheroo. I think I found the missing link. My mom also may have helped by conveniently sewing a button into her gown to hold the ears incognito. Always a three ring circus when our family surfaces. Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone and everyone is enjoying the new subscription service. I'm working on getting internet out at Mike's in a month or two so that I can update more often. P.S. I have fallen in love with Diet Sunkist Lemonade and this week's craving (three weeks in a row) is TADA! Peanut M&M's. Ugh, I need a hobby.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006



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Monday, May 08, 2006

May 8th, 2006 - The 86'ing of old friend

Much to my delight (ok- pure lie here), I have recreated my guestbook and I'm now running it through blogger. I can't keep up with the constant spamming. Someone keeps trying to sell me Ambien & Cialis. I could use Ambien, but I don't think web pharmas are my karma.


Also, the link to the right has also been updated! Cheers everyone & happy Monday.