Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12th, 2006- 3 outta 5 ain't bad!

This weekend I regained feeling in three of my five fingers on my right hand. I took full advantage of the knitting situation sans ordering my wool (no internet, sniff sniff) and knitting up a new project. My brain must have been vacationing while my new fingers were walking because I used the wrong damn needles. Three quarters through my felted clutch (purse for the male readers) I figured this out! Had I felted this thing in the washer I would have had a Barbie purse! Ode to MS! I am officially going crazy and loving it! One ripped out clutch (purse again for you male readers) and one new clutchy/pursey/thingy later on new needles and voila - near perfection. I will not be beaten by a two letter pain in the ass [insert meniacal smile here!]

I have found the perfect gift for me! At, the coolest yarn store ever!, you can give gift certificates to my account (michababy1@ by clicking HERE. You simply register yourself, enter my email, and I than I get to think you are indeed the coolest person I know and knit until my fingers fall off or I lose feeling again in the 3 I just got back! How cool is that? There is a god! Sorry, but $2.25 hanks of wool make me crazy excited! DAD, ARE YOU READING THIS??? ANYONE READING?? So nice to know other people can fuel addictions via the internet that are not illegal. Altogether now..........AHH, that's nice.