Tuesday, March 14, 2006

March 14-17th, MS Awareness Week!

Just reminding everyone to take time and tell someone with MS you support them! Visit the Face of MS and read a story or share your own!

MS Awareness Week: March 13-17, 2006


Mike said...

Honey, you know I always support you!

Jaime said...

I am glad to see others out there showing support. We have to make sure everyone knows about MS and is aware of what needs to be done.

You have a great attitude, and I am happy to hear you have a solid support system. You learn quick what is important in life when faced with something like MS. Having people around who love you is the greatest gift, I am glad you have that.

I hope that you are doing well. Please take care of yourself. I am around if you ever want to talk. mymsjournal.blogspot.com

Michelle said...

Jaime - Thanks for the message. I visited your site and it looks great. I also added you to my blogger roster, hope that is ok with you :o) I love the audio piece you added. It brings a voice the face. I hope you are doing well. And as you stated, I am also around if you ever want to talk. -M

Jaime said...

That is great. The more people who view my site, the better. I want people to be educated and inspired. Thanks for the support. Please keep in touch. I hope you are well.

Baitulos said...

Oh my God, Michelle! I love your blog! I have been recently surfing MS blogs after starting one on AOHELL (use 'em, just don't like 'em)because I'm home in a relapse...may I add you to my blog/journal as a link? Keeping it real...

Linda D. in Seattle

Michelle said...

Linda -
My goodness you made me laugh today! I must say, you have enlightened me on a Monday. :o) Please add me and I have added you, I hope that is ok. I will be seeing more of you I hope!

Baitulos said...

Thanks for the permit to log your blog...we seem to have a bit in common MS and non-MS wise! Hang in there, kiddo, and yes, it may get worse. But laugh til you pee...you've got a diagnosis now to get away with that!