Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24th, 2006 - Well said, Miss Pink...

I gotta tell you. Miss Pink says some pretty serious stuff in this new video of hers called Dear Mr. President. My hats off to her.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 20th, 2006

Ah. I gotta tell you something - those Caribou people and that moosing of coffee is a great thing. Two hours of sleep last night and I'm - pardon me - draggin arse this morning. I am surprisingly feeling fairly well though. I've had this numbness in my feet that seems to be subsiding on my own to which I am grateful. I've had my feet go the same "numb" before twice and both times were followed by the two nasty attacks I had last year. I am thinking that this will clear up on its own for once. I forced myself to work out last night. I am so glad i did because I made these silly Bisquick Cinnamon Swirl bisquits when I got home and they jumped in my mouth from the warm oven. Mysterious phenomenon, the jumping bisquits. Anyone else have this problem? Things just mysteriously jump from the oven to hungry mouths or even more mysterious - they evaporate somewhere unknown from the pan? It eludes me ;o) The new job is panning out well. I have officially been here six months now and counting. I have had an extra busy last two weeks to which I am being paid a little bonus. YEA! I must say it's really nice having a job where people actually appreciate you instead of take advantage of you. I have another question for readers. Ok, two questions. 1) Why the hell do people ask you to watch a freaking guest book during a wedding? Will someone steal it? Will someone mysteriously write say, Marilyn Monroe as an entry? What the hell is this guest book job? I'll tell you what it is. It's a job created by people who just want to throw you in the wedding for the hell of it. REFERENCE = punch server. 2) What the hell is up with functions being executed on Holiday weekends. My sister Holly's high school graduation is on Memorial Day weekend. I know she didn't plan it that way, but who is the jackass who decided this was acceptable? As if finding a babysitter for some people with little ones wasn't hard enough? Last year we had some friends who threw their wedding on Labor Day weekend. I think if you choose to throw your function on a holiday weekend one of two things should happen. The first - you understand that if I have kids or previous plans I will NOT see you, but good luck to you whatever it is you decided to do on my vacation. The second - if I do cancel plans so I can attend your function you forfiet your gift - no questions asked, end of story, you get nothing from me as a token of my appeciation for your incosiderate planning tactics. Anyone else find this completely and utterly out of line? For GOD sake, I get ten holidays out of 365 days a year of working all year long. Who the hell says a YOU can use them FOR me? Thoughts for Thursday- or venting, your call :o) Oooh, I feel MUCH better. Thanks for your silent ears people. You rock.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4th, 2006

Ah yes... one year older now (the big April Fool's Birthday explains a LOT of missing links, lol) and I'm finally on my last year of roaring 20's. I must say that some days that they are indeed, NOT roaring. They are replaced by fatigue, frustration, and joyous bouts of crying for no reason. After really what I like to call "avoiding" my blog for quite some time, I must tell you that I have this overwhelming urge to pen some of my latest "stuff". So here are some of my randoms thoughts. I'm sure that you will indeed be drawn to my ramblings with complete and undivided attention. Ah, hem, cough, cough... [CUE: CHEESY MUSIC]

I threw my parents a 25th anniversary party this year on March 11th. I've decided that love comes in all flavors and colors, like skittles if you will. [SIDE NOTE: I realize the difference between comforting love and love with comfort.] The more I age I see it all around me. Whether or not, you see it in your lifetime will be a true measure of your integrity. I successfully planned a party for my parents, whom I love dearly, without falling over from exhaustion or becoming a party dictator and bossing my three little sisters around too much. They were pretty happy that I wasn't a party dictator, too. It could have easily happened with my bit of strive for perfection. I think I have learned when and when not to calm down and breathe for the good of my health. These last few months I've laid low and appreciated every minute of rest I get. I love waking up on my own without my alarm when it does happen. Not saying it happens often, but it does happen more than it did. I've had problems with my fingers and feet just being funny feeling in the last few months and a LOT of L'hermittes response lately. I am grateful it comes and goes and has not evolved into something more. I've started working out again and I forget to not look down when I run. I'm sure eventually that if I do, the l'hermittes will cause me to pass out or fly off the treadmill for sure. [SIDE NOTE #2: Both would be extremely funny.] So far, so good. I'm down to 114 from 121 lbs, some might say that is little, but I am 5'5" tall on a good day. I'm hoping to eventually be at 118 with more gained muscle. The more I work out, the better I sleep, the stronger I am and the better I feel. Who doesn't love fitting into those jeans collecting dust in your closet for over a year? Anyway.... what else? Ah, my pharmacy for two months in a row has delivered my medication late. Once for a late filled prescription and now twice for apparently only filling the refilled prescription for one refill! Does that makes sense to anyone? Why in goodness name did my neurologist only refill my Rebif for one month? Did she think we'd find a cure in the last 30 days? Wishful thinking?? Oh, ha ha ha. I'm suppose to have a shot tomorrow morning, which is not going to get here until Thursday. This means that by this weekend I should be an anxious, compulsive basket case. I might have to hibernate in the new book my sister bought me, The Yarn Harlot. It looks as if we, the author and I, may share a bit of obsessive compulsive knitting. This is fine with me because even if it IS true, it's my reserve. It calms me when nothing seems to help. It puts me in a place where I can relax for a bit and think mindlessly when things don't always go as planned. Anyone else find comfort in being a complete yarn ho? Happy Tuesday everyone and happy knitting my fellow yarn peeps.