Friday, October 27, 2006

October 27th, 2006 - Thoughts

Ah, Fridays. Glorious they are. Thanks to everyone for prodding me lately. Good to poke at your neighbors and make sure they are ok once in awhile. I feel back to my old self again and for that....another Ahh..........followed by life is brilliant.

I have a question for everyone with MS. Have any of you ever...

1. Been way overdue on your tentanus titers?
2. Skipped them altogether after they started making you get them on your own cuz you are a needle chicken?

Just curious.

Oh, I almost forgot! Miss Jaime has a wonderful little project going on. Go HERE to learn more and buy! It's good stuff. Just listen to THIS! "Told you so!" Man I love saying that. Three youngers sisters never, ever, lets that phrase get old.

And on that note..... CLAAAAAAAASSSSSIC!