Thursday, August 02, 2007

August 2nd, 2007 - Moments of Silence for I-35W

Thank you to absolutely everyone for being concerned for the well being of those who dwell in and around the Twin Cities over the last 2 days. It will no doubt never be the same here. Everyone that I have the pleasure of knowing is safe and sound. I ask that you continue to pray for those who are in need of medical attention, those yet not found, and those families who are missing loved ones at this time. The magnatude of what happened last night at 6:05pm will be forever instilled in the residents of the Twin Cities. We are forever greatful for the outpouring of support from people such as yourselves and we are proud of our city servicemen and women for making sure that our city's disaster plan went into effect with absolute success. For more details on the I-35W bridge collapse, please click HERE. [] God Bless. - Micha


Jaime said...

I am SO glad to hear that you and all of your loved ones are okay. I will continue to pray for those who have been effected by this tragedy.


mdmhvonpa said...

I'm so sad that so many people were harmed ... so so happy that so few had died. That school bus of 52 kids still haunts me.


Just a big "wow" from out here on the West Coast...what a tragedy.

Linda D. in Seattle

Mima said...

Hi there, I have been reading your blog, and want to know more, how are the wedding plans, and how is MS treating you at the moment. Please come back and blog for us again!

Jaime said...

You have been away longer than I have. I hope you are okay! Hopefully this finds you doing well, having had a nice Christmas, and looking forward to the New Year!

Please update us on all that you have been up to...or at least let us know you are okay. :)

Take care,



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Philip. said...

Just found your blog.

It's really good, keep it up :-)

Anonymous said...

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