Friday, October 27, 2006

October 27th, 2006 - Thoughts

Ah, Fridays. Glorious they are. Thanks to everyone for prodding me lately. Good to poke at your neighbors and make sure they are ok once in awhile. I feel back to my old self again and for that....another Ahh..........followed by life is brilliant.

I have a question for everyone with MS. Have any of you ever...

1. Been way overdue on your tentanus titers?
2. Skipped them altogether after they started making you get them on your own cuz you are a needle chicken?

Just curious.

Oh, I almost forgot! Miss Jaime has a wonderful little project going on. Go HERE to learn more and buy! It's good stuff. Just listen to THIS! "Told you so!" Man I love saying that. Three youngers sisters never, ever, lets that phrase get old.

And on that note..... CLAAAAAAAASSSSSIC!


Baitulos said...

HEY!!! I'm a little "pished" off here! What happened to my blog feed to your site?!? I used to get a little dinger of an email saying you've posted something and I'd cruise on over. Since you had a "dry spell" recently, I just assumed you were on the inactive blogger list. Only via Jaime's blog, did I find out you are BAAAACKKK!
Dammit Jim, I'm an idiot, not a computer techie!
Now THAT rant wore me plumb out...oh and glad to see you back blogging've been missed!

Linda D. in Seattle

PSPS...tell the Evil Dark One I demand my fair share of cookies.

mdmhvonpa said...

Ugh ... tentanus shots. Makes my arm hurt for a week. I get them every time I end up in the emergency room ... about once every 2 years.

And your muppet UTube ... It is VIRAL. I had just posted the same thing!

Have myelin? said...

I had a tetanus shot not long ago. It didn't hurt at all. "We've come a long way, babe" the nurse sang as it went in my bum.

No reactions. Really.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I've had all of my shots. I didn't enjoy getting them but...

I healthier now than I've been in years.

If I didn't have lesions which affect my mobility, I'd be, uh, incredible. :-)

My weight is down, my smoking is down to a very occasional cigar or pipe, my drinking is down to a glass of wine (or two, :-) with supper.

If I was still into that womanizing stuff, I bet I could pick up more than my share of dates.

I'm having a (all too rare) great day.

Miss Chris said...

Glad you're back! Regarding the whole tetanus shot thing, I get one about every ten years or so, which is usually if I need stitches or something.I'm not a good girl when it comes to keeping up with that stuff but, I definitely don't have a fear of needles.

Suzy said...

monam ma noma that how it goes? I was too skeered to click it for fear I'd have that song in my head all night long. =) I'm weird like

Glad to see your back...I've been checking and checking....guess I gave up to soon? Sorry!

Oh, and I don't do shots well....Avonex made me sick of 'em! =)

Jaime said...

Tentanus shots suck! 'nuff said. lol

Thanks for mentioning the CD....every bit helps. I am glad to see you are doing well. :) Oh, and that lovely video, it must be contagious, this is the third blog I have seen it on in just over a week. And, that it will be stuck in my head for days. Thanks for that! ;) haha

Take care of yourself.


Michelle said...

Linda -You sassy thing you. Send your mailing address to me for evil bites. I posted before the feed, so you got it late, but because you are on top of things, you beat the lazy feeders. You must be an early bird, something about getting the worm???

Mdmhvonpa- Muppets rule. Don't you remember Muppets take manhatten? Good stuff.

Charles - you are so happy sounding, i'm glad you are feeling better.


Myelin Smilin'- Bum. You said Bum. LOL.

Chris - I think a nonfear of needles is unnatural. WE should talk. I am a WUSS with a capital CHICKEN.

Jaime- Your energy is contagious! Good luck with your mission.

Baitulos said... something already or I'm sending the Minn. State Patrol out to do a welfare check on you! You DO live in Minn. right?!?!?

Geez...I'm starting to take your lack of attention in the blogosphere personally...

Linda D. in Seattle

Baitulos said... something or I'm calling the's come down to this! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Jaime said...

Are you still out there?!

It is December now and there seems to be a case of the MS hug going around so I sure hope you have not been effected. Please let us all know that you are doing okay. Take care.

mdmhvonpa said...

*** POKE ***

Sean Spence said...

Hey Michelle,

I want to wish you a happy holiday. When you have time to post, your blog means a lot to folks out there, and reaches a whole new group every day through

I honestly believe that the time we take to communicate our lives is having a big effect on people around the world. You are making a difference.

All the best (however we need to define that) today and every day.

- sean

Sean Spence
MS Advocate & Founder, SharingOurDays

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I hope you had a merry merry and are off to a happy happy :-)

May the coming year bring you peace, joy and health (and some recovery.)


Baitulos said...

OK...I KNOW you're not DEAD because I can see you on AIM!!! Are you EVER going to blog again? Just let me down easily...I'm quite fragile, but I need to know the truth. LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Uff Da said...


You are an inspiration.

Your sense of humor has brought many smiles to my face and more often than you realize.