Thursday, February 27, 2003

February 27th, 2003

Today is spinal tap #2. Again, I get to draw blood and have it mindset that I will slap and/or knock out the nurse drawing blood if she messes with me. Melanie drives me to my appointment and she tries so desperately to cheer me up. She succeeds some of the time, but I am still distant, pissed, and fairly quiet. She doesn’t push the issue, she can read me clearly and knows that I am at my limit. Again, I go through the spinal tap, only this time the doctor is an asshole. He doesn’t wait nearly as long for the Novocain to kick in and it hurts like hell at first. I try to tell him I’m in pain and he keeps going. If I didn’t have my naked ass – ass up I’d smack him a good one. The topical kicks in and finally it numbs. He finishes and this time, my back is sore like someone really kidney punched me this time. I lay again in recovery for an hour and Melanie and I drive home, well Melanie drives, and I settle in bed after grabbing something to eat.

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