Friday, October 14, 2005

October 14th, 2005

Today was such a beautiful fall day. I slept in and it was fabulous. It was a cool breeze coming in my window very early morning that helped and I was grateful. I figured out how to finish my reload of my computer and it seemed to be working great. I looked up directions to get to Marketing Company R today and wouldn't you know it, got in the car and forgot. They are two miles from my house to this place and I forgot where I was going. I amaze myself sometimes at the ability to forget even the littlest things. Sometimes remembering the easiest word on the end of my tongue is the hardest thing to endure during the day. Thank God for Google. Long live them both :o) The marketing company was impressed with me as was I. The position was for Executive Administrator to the President, they understand the demand & salary, and I understand what they are expecting and looking for as far as pushing limits, creating a new atmosphere and living up to and exceeding expectations with an emphasis on ownership. It would be a working heaven as far as I'm concerned. The lady screening me was recruiter for them and I will, if I am recommended will be meeting with the president when he returns from China this next week. I am hopeful on this one. Lacey, and I headed to the burbs near Mike's house to meet Mike and around 8 or so of Mike's friends. It was a fabulous time for everybody tonight and for the first time, I looked in Mike's eyes and saw him seeing me. He just looked at me with this look that said "Don't ever leave me, I love you." I must have given it back, because he smiled at me and I never felt the way I did just then. It's the spot where you feel secure, and happy, and scared to death all at the same time and you just can't help but smile because you just want to burst with happiness and tears if you aren't careful. In the end I know we'll be ok. It's just getting over the hill sometimes that runs you out of breath.

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amanda said...

I am soooo glad that things have worked out for you and Mike. I know that feeling you were talking about that is the feeling I get everyday from my wonderful husband! good luck and enjoy this happiness!!!