Tuesday, October 04, 2005

October 4th, 2005

I applied for around 1o positions today online, and I have a second interview tomorrow with unsaid insurance agency that I liked. It was so humid today again that I didn't care to go out interviewing anyway. Hot too. 98 degrees hot. Just as I prayed for rain, this nasty black cloud appeared adn voila, rain. And again no power. Just as I finished dying my hair no power. Just as I was showering, tada, no power. I finished showering in candlelight. It was not romantic if you just were going to ask me that. I was getting ready to go out. Mike's sister's birthday is today. I finished getting ready in the garage. I finished my makeup and blew my hair dry right next to my luggage set and my box of tools and my tent. Again, not very fun. Just as I shut the garage door, changed clothes and opened it, I could see my building had power again. Grr. I am Murphy's (Law) nightmare lately. One thing after another. One day I will write a book and laugh at all the things that have happened to me in life. It will be funny. Very, VERY funny. I'm not kidding about it being funny. I was once stuck in a revolving door. Do you know anyone else this has happened to? I didn't think so. Ever had a mustard bottle explode over you, the ceiling and your father? I didn't think so. Stick around some more and keep getting to know me, you'll eventually understand what I am referring to if you don't already. I was finally off to wish Mike's sister a wonderful birthday, say hi to Mike's parents, and other sister and drink a few cocktails. Two hours later, one botched karoake song, and a 1 1/2 block drive to Mike's sister's house, I slept on the couch. Mike's sister's friend also slept on the couch so I had feet and street light in my face. The trade offs we make to not drive home after a cocktail or two. Not a bad trade if you ask me in the long run. I'd take feet in the face vs. orange issue jumpsuits anyday. That's just a smart idea. Besides, orange is only really for cool skin tones.

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