Sunday, October 16, 2005

October 15 - 16th, 2005

SUNDAY, 10/16
I woke up at 8am again this morning. I did find a nice surprise though. Mike had made breakfast this morning. It wasn't just any breakfast, it was crepes. I have given him so much heck for having a crepe maker that doesn't work, that he finally caved. Crepes, sauteed bananas, brown sugar, whip cream, sausage, and eggs for everyone. It was an all you can eat buffet for the local in house Sunday rifraff. It was REALLY good. I must complain more often about not getting crepes *wink*. I headed home around 3pm. I helped Mike do some yard work and found it actually helped me to get out of the house and try and wake up. It was also good to get some exercise. I haven't had enough of that lately and with my emotions bottoming out I think it did me some good. I watched a movie then took a long, warm shower. I shaved my long overdue legs. I have been so tired lately, I didn't realize you could grow a small forest around your shins if you were lazy enough. I know, gu-woss! It was soooo worth shaving. I managed to change the sheets to the favorite ones, too. Mike headed over at 9:00pm to watch Grey's Anatomy. I love this show. I have become totally addicted to it. I used to be a huge ER junkie until George Clooney left, then I just gave up. Too many people coming and going after that. In fact, I gave up television until about 4 mths ago. I have never really been a tv watcher for the last 4 years. Too busy living life, I guess. Someday maybe I'll have enough material for my own tv show. It's just the question of who gets to play me. Any takers?

I was so tired this morning. My shot last night that I took at 1:30am hurt very badly in my left leg. They have been hurting more and more lately and bruising. I had trouble sleeping last night and was up at 8am to make it to an association meeting for my condo. My sister and I headed home from Mike's after he cooked us hash browns for breakfast. He's so sweet sometimes. Lacey and I headed home, ventured to meeting then tried to nap for a bit. We ended up cleaning up and heading back to another friends house for a soup & sip day. Lots of chicken noodle soup, 7Up, and campfire later, I was exhausted. We headed back to Mike's around 10:30pm. I was out cold at 11:50pm, and low and behold, no sleep. I just don't get it and I don't want to. I just want some shut eye.

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