Monday, October 31, 2005

October 18th - 31st, 2005

In the last two weeks, I've interviewed for the following:
Insurance Company G
Insurance Company H
Insurance Company G (2nd Interview)
School District #RRR
School District #RRR (2nd Interview)
Had an offer from the following:
Real Estate Company A
Turned down an offer from the following:
Real Estate Company A
Been turned down for the following:
Food Principle G
School District #RRR
Found out the following isn't hiring until 2006:
Original Insurance Company (My first interview since I left my old job)

It's been a pretty busy two weeks. In the midst of all of this, I've not felt like myself or just felt like crap. I still am not sleeping through the night yet. I've cut out caffiene almost completely. I'm pretty frustrated, but keeping faith that it will all work out. It's all I can do to keep myself sane for the moment. Mike and I have been doing really well. He's been helping me keep my strength and offering me an ear when I need a much needed one as well as my sister. My sister and I, the Saturday before last decided to make a movie night on Friday and most of Saturday. We spent the time doing nothing and clearing our brains. We also had the opportunity to have a group knit with Mike's mom and her friend. It was good useless brain activity. I honestly spent the entire two hours thinking of nothing and it was the best two hours I had had in a long time. This last weekend, my mom, my two youngest sisters (there are four of us), two of my sister's friends and my mom's friend all visited from South Dakota. It was a lot of estrogen in a 990 square foot condo. I was happy to see them, but was exhausted to begin with when they arrived so I tried to keep a happy face. Lacey and I threw Holly (3rd youngest sister) a birthday party on Friday for her 18th birthday. It was a success and she was elated. I have another interview with Marketing Company R on Wednesday. I am keeping hope that I will have an offer by next week and get some sleep by then, too. I am calling the neurologist today to get some sleeping pills. I have had enough pride to last me through many sleepless nights and it's so exhausted, it finally went to sleep. Now it's my turn to sleep.


Casey J. said...

I hope all is well, and just keep on, keepin on!!! You are missed at the office.

Michelle said...

Thanks Casey J! Miss you guys too!

Suzy said...

Wishing you well. I know how sleep deprivation can get....ughh, it's just horrible, as you well know. Hope you feel better soon, too!

ckays1967 said...

I know this doesn't make you feel any better but I just love reading everybody's journals and finding out that I am not the only one who can not sleep thru the night with this. I was begining to feel all alone in this, even though I KNOW it is part of MS.

Found you thru White Lighting...nice journal.

Lindsey said...

You have been busy! Don't wear yourself down...

Suzy said...

Hope things are going better...I often think of fellow MS'ers and wonder if they are feeling like I'm feeling. Praying you are sleeping better!

Michelle said...


Thank you for the well wishes. Sleeping is getting easier as the days go by.


Thanks for the kind words as bloggers are not alone. God Bless the online "infostore" of people who battle sometimes daily.


Thanks for visiting again. I like when you visit. I am back on track and getting healthier and stronger by the day.