Monday, August 15, 2005

August 15th, 2005

Last day of IV. Goes off with a minor hitch. The line doesn't want to drip. I hold down my IV and play with it til it does. I don't want to wait for a nurse to come and fix it. It finally goes. All done. Tommorrow I'll start another 6 day dose pack to wean off the steriods. My feet are so swollen. I'm retaining water like a cactus and have fankles (fat, fat, fat ankles). My doctor has set up the paperwork to start Rebif for a preventative injection. The pharmacy also calls me to confirm, set up and get my regular injections started. I hate needles, but attacks are too much for me to deal with anymore and my luck has been running out on not having them so I go ahead and make the financial and mental preparation to start.

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Erik said...

Damn steroids. Sadly it flows all too easily into my veins.