Thursday, August 25, 2005

August 25th, 2005

Hmm, carpet on the feet is niiiiiiiice :o) Got a little feeling in the bottoms of my feet today. I have had a headache since yesterday afternoon though. Maybe from the injection, I'm not sure?? I don't know if the dose was big enough, but my stomach also did a couple 180's about two-five hours afterwards, too, so maybe it was. About my MRI from Tuesday. I don't mind MRI's, just to clarify. Thanks for the pointers from everyone, I totally agree. Tune out and blare up the music. I minded that my neck hurt so bad from being in a crooked and/or weird position for an hour that I was literally tearing up from the pain. My neck has been sensitive since a car accident that I had in 1998. The panic claustrophobe thing set in after I realized how much pain I was really in and if I moved it would only take longer. OH, and P.S. they called back again today (the imaging people) and they need me to come back tomorrow again for yet, more MRI! I ate the biggest meal I've eaten today in over three weeks. It wasn't a whole lot in overview, but for me it was huge. My friend Kris took me to my favorite Mexican restuarant near my work. He was on a business lunch so I was treated to a FREE lunch*lol*. I had my usual chicken chimichanga with chips, salsa, rice and guacamole....hmm, yummy. I probably didn't need all that salty food with being dehydrated, but I just didn't care. My injection site healed over nicely. Not a lot of swelling at all, just a couple of pinpoint size scabs from my um, "test stabs" (if there is such a term). I've heard some theories on viral and/or viruses maybe being a potential cause for MS and started doing some investigating on this. I was late on my childhood diseases. I didn't get the chicken pox until 4th grade and they were horrible. I've always wondered if anyone else was a "late bloomer" on any of the stuff you run the course of when you are little? I passed on dinner, snarfed some Strawberry Newtons and went to bed tonight at 10:30. It was the earliest I have been to bed in awhile. I only woke up twice and once was for a nice soothing rainfall which put me right out again. Two things I love to fall asleep to: 1) a nice steady, rain and 2) small airplane engines humming (I live near a very small airport). Yes, I'm aware that may just be a little strange. Oh well...par for the course :o)


Erik said...

My question is: Can you really get decent Mexican food in Minnesota?

As far as the virus: I had no weird childhood diseases later in life, so no go for me.

I think the prevailing thought is that there is an as yet unknown virus that is triggering the autoimmune disease. There is of course heavy suspicion that it is a type of Herpes since those strain of viruses are linked to many other autoimmune diseases. There is also the very odd, and strong, immune response that people with MS have to Epstein-Barr (Herpes) which seems to further indicate that there is a Herpes viral cause.

camille said...

Michelle, i am curious about the injections. let us know how you are doing. i get headachaches a lot from the injections what i do is take 2 tylenols before (1 hour) and 2 tylenol pm or regular upon going to sleep. theat really makes a difference for me. Btw i love reading your blogs keep on writing!

mouse said...

I think the chicken-pox got me at around grade 4 also. I remember hating it. Other than that the only other childhood disease I got was German measles, and that was even later! My autoimmune system was working overtime even way back then.

Michelle said...


I think you can. The stuff I have is pretty good, but is it AUTHENTIC is the question.

Thanks everyone for your responses on my childhood diseases questions...interesting reads.