Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August 30th, 2005

Ah, and I slept so good last night that I didn't want to get up either. I ran a bit late on my leaving for work time, too. With dogs in tow, I made my way to work. I brought them with me and pulled into work right at nine, just in time. Sometimes I feel likes it's so hard to get out of bed and just get ready. Half of the time I shower every other day or at night to save time. I also feel horrible for walking in the door right at nine or a few short minutes after. My boss hates it if I'm even 2 minutes late. It's very frustrating when other people will walk in or sneak in fifteen minutes or more late and in jeans to boot which is not even up to dress code Mon-Fri. I ignore the double standards and we're all happy, sort of. Ok, enough complaining today. Sometimes I wish I was a stay at home bum or mom (in due time) working on my accessory designs and my knitting. Mike, my super nice boyfriend (yes, that's his name), picked up the puppies from my work about 45 minutes later and dropped them off at my house. I was grateful. He put my mind at east for the time being and met everyone in the office. Up until today, they thought him to be friends with the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. Yes, he exists. LOL. Today I found a site online called Multiple Sclerosis Sucks. Very funny stuff. I got their permission to link today via email. I've placed them under MS links. Check them out if you need a laugh, two or ten. They also have a forum for MS'ers to chat. I also got a nice email from Jenny who has linked me on her site and wrote a very nice entry titled Inspired about my blog. I must thank her because I too, went from laughter to tears all in one read. People who stop by and keep saying nice things about my blog is so inspirational. They are definately things I can look back to when I am having a not so good day and your comments keep me lively. I still have a headache today. I've taken aspirin and nothing works. I think maybe I'm dehydrated. Ok, yes, I am. I never drink enough water and I'm positive this is my problem today. I started a new knitting project this week, I'm super excited. Takes my mind of my headache, or should I say lack of water? I retire at 10pm tonight because I am exhausted. A little bit of lassitude, I might even say. I didn't even brush my teeth I was so spent and lazy. Phooey... I slept good though, so that makes up for my stinky choppers. (MOM: Please do not give me crap, I already know that is gross.) ;o)

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