Saturday, August 20, 2005

August 20th, 2005

Today I woke up so early. I woke up at around 8:30am and totally full of energy. Then I cleaned my room, checked email and back to bed I went. I guess that burst of energy didn't last too long. At least I did something useful before I retreated back to bed for some zzz's *laughs* I slept in until 1pm, got up, ran to Target, colored my hair, and started to get ready for another wedding today. My old roommate Melanie is getting married to day and the guy I'm seeing and I are headed again to another historic restaurant in St. Paul to enjoy, this time with dinner (hmm, yummy). I fell today getting in the shower. I'm lucky that I didn't smack my head full on, only grazed my forehead and that my rear end took the brunt of the fall. I'm also lucky that my boyfriend was outside my door when it happened (without the keys, he forgot, once again). He thought he may have to break in, but I emerged from the shower, a little hysterical and I opened the door for him dripping wet [picture, say a wet rat...]. Things my sister took for granted: you have to rinse out the tub when you are done shaving. Things I took for granted: my sister now lives with me, the tub may have been shaved in and slippery. Either way, I can't feel my feet, so down I went. At least I emerged unscathed and with a minor ache in the arse. The wedding was beautiful today. St. Paul is such a beautiful city with it's history and mansions. The weather was so crisp and late summer. It was good to stand outside with a minor breeze and chat with old friends. My boyfriend and I did a bit of chatting as well. We ventured through Minneapolis on the way home and made a quick stop at my favorite restuarant, The Capital Grille. We stayed for an hour or so, but managed to talk about life, my health, where life was headed, and it indeed, was a good chat. I feel a lot better knowing that maybe sometimes, with everything going on, he just doesn't know what to say to me to help. I told him that being there was all I needed, he didn't need to say a word. He agreed. I made my way home to pack a bag, ventured to my boyfriend's house, traded up to some nice, comfy sweatpants and a tee shirt and served myself a big helping of solid night's slumber at 11... sometimes a good chat just does a body good.

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