Friday, August 19, 2005

August 19, 2005

Today I took my medication home from the work fridge and took 1/2 of a 1/2 day off of work to get ready for a wedding I'm going to with the guy I'm seeing. It should be fun. I need a night out and probably need some time away to let loose a little bit, so it should be good in that aspect, too. Today I am starting to feel a bit back to normal. I could use another 3 days of sleep, I think, but I'm not complaining at all. I noticed today I've lost a little weight. I used to have these huge beaming dimples. I lost one and one is on it's way out! Hmm, reminds me of the line from Romey and Michelle's High School Reunion:
ROMEY: Hey, Michelle!
MICHELLE: Yea, Romy?
ROMEY: Remember that time you got mono?
MICHELLE: Yea, that was like the best diet EVER. I tried to get it again, but just couldn't.
Sorry, I find that movie line hilarious. Guess I've lost a little weight, but hey who ever complains about that? I'm just happy that today I feel a bit more up to par. My feet today now, just feel like they are cold and wet. Kind of like if you were traipsing through woodlands hunting and it was time to come in, your dogs (feet & spaniels) are spent, and the sun was going down. Did I paint a good enough picture for all you guys? I tried. Now you are all thinking about hunting opener, I just know it... Maybe I should have taken another career path as a outdoor writer.

*****The wedding was fun. I got to spend a little time chatting with my boyfriend's family (they are very supportive of my situation) and a nice glass of Chardonney. It was at an old mansion in Historic St. Paul. It was beautiful. I was getting really tired at 11pm though. Made my way home and grabbed a nice helping of internet. HA HA. I stayed up until around 12:30, but none the less researched a little more on people who blog their mulitiple slerosis or document online things they experience. Of note, a photographer named Amy Davis. Her book, My Story, focuses through pictures how MS diagnosees put on positive spins on their disease. I may have to pick it up. Where did I put that Borders coupon? (Yes, I'm cheap!)*****


Adam said...

I was perusing the net this morning for MS bloggers and happened upon your blog; love the title!
I am 28, diagnosed Feb 96.

Michelle said...


Hope I entertained you with my ramblings. I would love to talk more, say by email if you have time. Glad you could stop by.