Sunday, August 21, 2005

August 21st, 2005

Today, UP AGAIN AT SEVEN! What the heck is wrong with me? Through all of this, I'm becoming a morning person! That is amazing since before I would never venture out of bed before 10 on a weekend. I got up again, did some laundry and decided that I need to make myself take another nap. The way I looked at it, I thought I may not sleep later, so I would try while I thought I could. I succeeded. I also finished my dose pack today (YEA!, last dose) but I think the steriods are really creepy sometimes and tend to alter your body more than you think until they are gone. I had the following dreams this morning between 9 & 11...

1. I dreamt that my little 7 pound dog Isabelle was paralyzed from the waist down and I had to pick her up and carry her everywhere like a purse. She was like a floppy muppet. 2. I flooded my boyfriend's basement. How?, I have no idea 3. I was winning prizes in multiples, nobel peace prizes, microwaves. Don't ask, cuz it's just too weird.
I shook those off when I got up and chalked them up to weaning off steriods, almost like Nyquil dreams if you will. NOTE TO SELF: If you think you are crazy, you may end up that way! :END NOTE. Today was a great day. I can feel my little toes on the outside, like two on each toe and my legs feel good against of all things, clothes. I did a little more laundry today, knitted a little, had coffee with my friend Erin for two hours [greatest conversation, EVER! :o) ] and I planned a little barbeque at 7pm. I was a busy girl, who in more than a month, felt like a little more like herself...oh, and considering I ate pretty much all the leftovers of the barbeque, I guess I now have an appetite like the girl I used to know as well. Maybe I'll get that lost dimple back.

*****About not sleeping, I hit it on the head. Up four times again. LOL. I must be psysco, er psychic, I mean.*****

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