Thursday, August 18, 2005

August 18th, 2005

Today work is a lot easier to handle. I am still very tired and my body is out of whack, but today is looking up. It's much easier to walk today, just a little dizzy is all. More than normal, I mean. I talk to my friend Suzanne and she calms me by email. She's so awesome. I'm glad to have her. I get a comment yesterday from a girl named Twinkie, who has fibromyalgia. She writes:
" i'm so sorry about you having MS. my best friend from high school got diagnosed with it about four years ago. and though i'm not trying to compare my struggles with yours (you by far have it worse), i have fibromyalgia and can emphathize a bit on having a disabling disease. you have great days and you have really really bad days. i've had this now for about five years and i'm finally get the hang of it. i look forward in reading more of your blog."
Good to know sometimes that you aren't alone. That comforts me. I came to work today and found that my first round of injection medication (Rebif) had been shipped to me. The first dose box of 12 injections. My boss was nice enought to store my perishable box in the fridge for me knowing I was out. I was grateful. I read the invoice and my little 12 injections are 1437.00. Can you believe it? Did I miss something? What the hell are they made of? Titatium? If so, I'll melt them down into something pretty to wear. LOL.

*****I fell asleep at 7:30 tonight, man did THAT feel good. Up again at midnight, but off to bed again at 1:00am. Up at 4:00 and back again at 4:40am. I don't even care that I was up. That was the best sleep I've had in 2 weeks. When I woke up I had the weirdest feeling in my feet. It felt like if you wet your feet and put them in wet plastic bags. I must say it's quite interesting. Now I know how my dog feels with those "dog shoes" on, haha. My nerves must be on the mend, because tonight was a lot easier to walk and the sheets felt nice and cool on my legs instead of irritating. The doctor noted yesterday that something may be going on in my spine around T6 or T8. Maybe this would explain that when I lay in bed my back has been hurting the last couple of days. Nothing excruciating, just a little irritating when I want to close my eyes and sleep. You know sometimes you just keep thinking and your head won't shut off? That's when even little distractions become big ones. *****


Eriksgirl said...

The price is unbelievable!!! It's larger than a house payment.

For that price it should CURE MS!!!

Michelle said...

Isn't that the truth! Thank god for insurance. They are covering all but $24.00 of it. What I want to know is how many $24.00 prescriptions before I get my free BMW? Hmm? LOL.

mouse said...

Hi Michelle, I empathize completely with the brain refusing to shut down when my head hits the pillow. I have to do this meditation thing where I concentrate on my toes and tell them to go to sleep and slowly work my way up from there. By the time I get to my thighs I can't concentrate anymore and nod off. I've been doing this for 35 years now and so far so good. But also like you I am awake half a dozen times a night [usually trips to the bogger machine (bathroom) or any noise] so I start all over again. Found your blog through Erik's. His is a favourite of mine. I will keep tabs on you too, okay?

Michelle said...


We all need keeping tabs on. That's how most of us get lost! LOL.