Tuesday, August 23, 2005

August 23, 2005

I slept like a log last night and today I still look like one (bonus!) dry skin and all . Today MISS FORGETFUL [that's me for those of you who didn't read yesterday's entry yet] did indeed remember to call the nurse from Rebif. The nurse comes tomororow at 1:00pm. I get the luxury of training how to do my injections over my lunch hour and at work yet! Apparently they don't do evening appointments for some reason, but I will make it the best of it. Less room for freaking out, I guess. I can't wait. Ok, I'm being sort of say, sarcastic, when I say that. I hate needles. Hate is such a strong word....hmm, let me think of one more suitful. Yep, I HATE needles. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because when I was five and I went for kindergarten shots, they nurse stabbed me good and I in turn kicked so hard I snapped the needle off while part of it was still in my leg. From there, I was strapped to a backboard and given the rest of my shots screaming absolute bloody murder. Nothing like a little trauma for a five year old. My phobia of frogs I just cannot explain. Maybe I think sometimes they will whip out some frog jujitsu or frog judo and kick my ass? Yea, maybe not. I'll have to work on the cause of that one. My MRI was tonight at 7:30 or should I say 8:00 since they didn't get to me until then? Ok, my 8:00 MRI was decent. My boyfriend met me there and went with me. I was very grateful. My neck hurt so bad during the MRI from not moving that I was making myself sick. I started to do the panic, claustrophobia thing. I wasn't feeling too hot during the last part. Maybe the veggie burger and 1/2 a cup of ice cream I ate today just wasn't enough food. I started to meditate to clear my head and finally, after an hour, it was over. I finally got out of there at 9:30. I tried to look at the scans quick before I left. I didn't see a whole lot. I thought I had seen a couple of lesions that were there before, but the tech will never tell you anything. So I'll wait til Dr. Francis takes a peek and calls me. She'll probably call me fairly soon, she's just a good doctor like that. My sister Lacey stopped me when I got home and was finally eating. The conversation went like this:
LACEY: "So, did they find anything out?"
ME: "Yep."
LACEY: "What?"
ME: "They think I may have MS."
She rolled her eyes at me. (I thought it funny, lol.) She chuckled, then rolled her eyes at me again for good measure. I Finally ate a really good and decent size meal after that and settled into bed to sleep like a log again and with an ounce of good luck to hopefully not to look like one when I awake ;o)


mdmhvonpa said...

I had a similar needle incident when I was older ... involved a broken hand that needed to be 'rebroken'. Bad story all around though. Never could stand the sight of needles since then.

As for the MRI ... didnt they pipe music into the 'chamber' for you? They do that for me ... its acutally nice. I don't get much personal time for myself so this is actually relaxing. Bizare.

Oh, btw, I'm originally from MN ... Up north near Alexandria. Lived in the twin cities area till 1976. Yeah, I'm an old fart.

Michelle said...


I think I see a pattern between our stories. Music, schmusic. I forgot to bring a cd so I got to listen to commercials on the radio. Grr. The back of my head just didn't want to be in that position anymore (was a full hour of no moving my noggin). Alexandria is so beautiful, and the more beautiful thing? No cell reception *smiles big*. I have never felt like an old fart. Old lady, yes, old handbag, yes, but NEVER an old fart. Phoo.

Erik said...

Ah yes MDMHVonPA's "semi-erotic injection story". Personally, I think he likes discussing it!

I do agree with MDMHVonPA that the MRI's are actually OK. Get to listen to a little music and chill out for a little bit.

Needles have never really bothered me that much. Not that they ever were, or are, fun. Hopefully you will get used to them over time. -or maybe a shot of whisky a little before the injection will help; a little for the stomach and a little to clean the injection site! ;-)

Michelle said...

Erik & mdmhvonpa,

I am SO much more enlightened by the semi erotic injection story and might I add sore from laughter.

Good stuff.