Friday, August 26, 2005

August 26th, 2005 - Injection #2

WAHOO it's Friday. I am so, so happy to say that. I feel great today. I feel like my feet are just heavy and half asleep. My legs are almost back to normal and my back and rear end as well as far as feeling goes. I'm still continuing to lose weight. Maybe that dimple is NOT coming back until winter. Again, I'm not complaining. Today I had my other MRI at 12:45. I am also leaving at 3:30 today. I'm so excited. I'm taking that last Friday's other 1/2 of a 1/2 day of vacation. Say that three times fast. I drank down a can of tomato soup for lunch and I got there right at 12:45, I figured I already filled out what they need for paperwork on Tuesday, so hey just be on time. I was right. I walked right in and tada! into scrubs. Speaking of scrubs, I stole two pairs on Tuesday when I was there. The nurse said she was "looking away and didn't see a thing". LOL. I figure that if they are billing me upwards of 1400.00 for an MRI, they can bill me if they really want for a 10.00 pair of scrubs. *laughs* All went well this time. It wasn't 15 minutes as they suggested, but an hour. Oh well, it was lunch time. I left today at 3pm, grabbed by bags, and animals and headed to my boyfriends house to relax. I luckily remembered to grab my medication, too. I almost forgot that AND my DiGornio pizza. Either one would have ruined my evening if I had to go back and get them and/or replace them. I threw in my pizza, knitted a little and got out the little Rebif needle again. Injection #2 today. I narrowed my pep talk down to 4 minutes. I figure by next week, maybe 2? Anway, it wasn't so bad. I gave it to myself in my right hip area. They call it the right hip area. I call it back fat heaven. For some reason, the fat has crept up there as I age. Good thing that's my only problem area. Wouldn't it be nice if you could say...relocate your fat to places more useful? Like, um, your chest? Now I think I'm just wishful thinking. My headache has been here since Wednesday even with Ibubrofen. I also forgot take some after my injection. I was up in and out of sleep all night tossing between two temperatures: freezing and sweaty. Oh well, serves me right for forgetting. Next time, I'll lay them on the counter with my medication so I remember. At least I went to bed at 10 so I got some decent sleep after all.

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