Saturday, September 10, 2005

September 10th, 2005

So I was in bed way wee hours late this morning and I woke up at 10:30am with nausea and a dog licking in the face. I really don't know what was better or worse. I got up and took the puppies outside to get some "fresh air". They seemed happy and I think the neighbors loved my p.j.'s. If they didn't, oh well. I'm too tired to see straight. This morning I now realize the error of staying up too late. I quickly retreated back to bed and in a hurry. I tried to sleep and finally succeeded at about 1:00. I slept until 5pm. Man, I was exhausted. I managed to miss 5 phone calls, 3 from my boyfriend and the phone was right next to my head. My boyfriend and I had a steak fry tonight for the fire deparment he volunteers for. It took almost a bulldozer pushing behind me it felt like to get enough energy to just get ready, but I did it and managed to look normal to most people. Mike noticed right away that I needed some sleep and pointed it out to me. We had a great time eating and conversing. I managed to wake up and enjoy my food. There is a remedy itself in free barbequed steak, I think. I tried to stay chipper and it was working. It helped when the quizzing of our relationship started and Mike answered all questions with tact, including when am I moving in. ;o) When it was over we ventured accross the street to some friend's house for a bit of a bonfire. It must have been enjoyable, because again I was up way too late. By way too late, I mean midnight on a weekend at this point. I was quickly off to bed soon thereafter and crashed through the night, but not until after I drove myself crazy thinking before bed. What is wrong with me today? Why am I so down? Why do I have no ambition or gusto and it's the weekend? I shut the voice up and we both slept sound only to reappear in the morning, full gusto.

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