Friday, September 23, 2005

September 23rd, 2005 - Day 3 No Power

Day 3 and no power. I was at work most of the day so i didn't notice. It finally was on though at 6pm tonight. It was so nice seeing myself in the mirror when I got home. I was thrown an impromptu going away party from the people at work at the favorite local hangout in the northern burbs - Hankerings. It was pretty fun and sad all at the same time. I'm going to miss those people dearly when I leave. They are good people. You never realize how valuable you are sometimes until you've come and gone. I was told by many that I taught them how to hold your head high in spite of being kicked down a time or two. I appreciated that. I was also told that I exited my position with grace. It's good sometimes to be who I am. I'm pretty sure that's a good person, who in spite of everything, tries to do what is right and even if that isn't always the case. I still sleep at night, so to speak. Lacey and I headed to a going away party when I got home from my work party to wish our friend Erin a happy departure from Minnesota to Colorado. Our friend Robin returned from California as she had watched her dad die in the hospital from liver failure. I'd say that the night had just about enough "personal limits" within our group of friends. We all cried, laughed, and pulled ourselves together, together. It's good to be loved. May all of us be just that if nothing else. Loved. At 1:00am, I managed to venture to Mike's house with Lacey and crash, but not without being pulled over first. Apparently my license plates were overdue for renewal by um, 23days. I didn't even notice. The police officer asked me if I had a rough night to which I responded yes. I must have been believable because he wrote me a warning ticket. I guess for some reason he must have seen the love that night, too.

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mdmhvonpa said...

Good to see that sometimes, the police can be trusted to look out for your best interests.