Thursday, September 22, 2005

September 22st, 2005 - Day 2 No Power

Still no power yet today, but I was at work most of the day so I didn't mind. The fridge was still cold and the freezer wasn't opened, so they were ok. I had a double charge from the pharmacy today on my Rebif. They DID end up charging me for the titration pack that they screwed up on. I called them and they credited my pharmacy account to accomidate for the difference. I was happy, but kind of irratated that they didn't fix it to begin with when they said they would credit. Oh well, stuff happens sometimes. Somestimes stuff happens alot. It's just a fact of life. It's been raining this week. By raining, I mean stacking pretty high in the crap department. One day at a time I keep saying to myself.
Running deductable update:
In house network remaining: $21.20
Out of network remaining: $300.00
***Today I found out my cousin's husband has neurofibromatosis. I know nothing about it. I made a mental note to research and find out what I can about this disease. Knowledge is power for sure. I found out that it is very strange, just like MS. That was very indepth in the thought department I know, but it is a strange disease. I trucked my sister and two dogs to my boyfriend's house tonight to take advantage of the simplicities of life, such as electricity. I didn't get that shower this morning and I figured by tomorrow I would be pretty ripe. I don't care for my boss, but I like the other people in my office enough to spare them from pure agony of my unshoweredness. ***

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Is it me or are the dates of your posts just a little off?