Saturday, September 03, 2005

September 3rd, 2005

Ok, so last night I went to bed at 2:00am and this morning I COULD NOT sleep in. I was up at 8-flipping O'clock. That is up way to early Saturday when you were up way too late on a Friday for those of you who don't know what 8-flipping O'clock is. That leads me to ask myself "WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME?" Grr. I just got up. I can't sleep as hard as I try. Today Ryan & Jillene are getting married. I feel like ick in everything I wear today and the weather has tipped in at a nice balmy 60 degrees. Brr, and it's started to drizzle now, too. It's not a real great day for a wedding in my book, but we're rolling with it. I ventured out to find something to make me feel a bit less of a weirdo. I don't care how big or small you are, sometimes you just don't feel comfortable in what you wear. I've gained a little weight back, but my clothes just fit weird lately. I found this little black long sleeve, sexy number that was made out of tee shirt material after an hour of trying on everything under the sun at the mall. It screamed, "Wear me I'm comfy and I feel good". I finally decided on some white capris, that became peddle pushers with some cuffing and an iron and I got to wear heels. I was so excited. Since my episode has taken the greater part of the warmer summer months, heels have been totally off limits. My feet were so happy and so was I. I finally felt sexy after two months of blah. Totally worth the wait. The wedding was beautiful. As for the weather, it downpoured 20 minutes before the ceremony was to start and most of the reception dinner which flooded the tent we sat in. Oh well, life isn't perfect. Jillene was stunning, Ryan was handsome as ever and the two were in my book, perfect together & happy. I sang them a rendition of Allison Krauss' "When You Say Nothing at All" at the ceremony to which they were grateful. I didn't know all the words and winged it, but they didn't care, nobody even noticed much I don't think after the open bar, LOL. I was off to bed at 2:00am and I was exhausted. My feet felt great after dancing and my heel excursion, but I needed some sleep. The storm of the century landed at 3:30 and kept me up from 4:00am to 7:00am. I was trying to sleep through it, but with ping pong ball size hail it was impossible. Par for the course though, as it was a beautiful day in the end, I felt beautiful and sometimes a good storm just helps cleans things up and put things in a whole other light...


Melanie said...

I hope that enjoyed our wedding, feels like I didn't even really see you, but maybe that was how you wanted it. I also hope that I wasn't just an obligation.

Michelle said...

Of course not honey! I totally loved your wedding. Sorry if you didn't see me too much. It was a busy day and I was definately still not up to myself. P.S. Everyone, Melanie's wedding WAS NOT an obligation. :o) I love her dearly and she is, was, and will always be stunning and adorable and I love her dearly. *smooches, Mel!*

To further clarify my comment:

Total Weddings I'll have been to this year total by years end: 6
Weddings I of people I love dearly: 2
Weddings of people I barely know: 2
Weddings of people I don't know: 2

See??? Okay that isn't 10%, but you get my point.