Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September 6th, 2005

Today I drove into work from my boyfriends house and a normal 20 minute drive to my house took me 45 minutes. There are times I wish I could magically "clear a path" in traffic. Too bad mystical powers are something I haven't quite perfected. I'm still keeping out hope though. It's such a shame nobody can hear how many curse words I can place in a row on constant streaming. Almost like radio, if you will :o)~ Good thing my mom doesn't drive with me to work or she' d have the Dove Soap on tap ready to fill my mouth. I just hate stupid drivers. They irritate me. My dad always told me "Michelle, it REALLY IS NOT YOU I am worried about. You are an excellent driver. It's the other IDIOTS I worry about." Now I know what he was talking about. Today I was so just "not there" I managed to finally sleep through the night again. It felt so good, but morning just arrives too quickly. I feel like I haven't sleep since July. Probably because in all honesty, I really haven't. I'm getting more and more wore out by the day. Up and down my emotions go. I get this "Bumming out" that I just can't explain where I just don't want to say anything or talk to anyone. It's strange. I'm not rude, just quiet, which is quiet unlike myself if I do say. Today in the mail I received a handicap sticker application from my Mom. She sent it from South Dakota. Since I have a South Dakota license, I figured there would be less tape. Totally lazy on that one. I've had a South Dakota license for the last 8 years I have lived in Minnesota because I simply refuse to believe that I should have to take the written test because I'm from another state. What could possibly be different 300 miles west? Who knows?, I never opened the book to find out! Man, I'm horrible sometimes. It's that whole Polish thing again. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn... Off to bed tonight at 12:00am. I was so wired I couldn't sleep. I finally cleaned up my room while I had some energy and can see the floor AND my bed again. Such a nice treat from a laundromat explosion that seemed to occur earlier. Good thing no one was injured in that one ;o)

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Beckett Amelia Hughes said...

My mom says the same thing, people on the road are crazy.