Saturday, September 17, 2005

September 17th, 2005

Today I slept in and enjoyed what I thought would be a calm Saturday. I was right. It was quite calm and I took advantage of it to its fullest. I hung out in bed for a post wake up siesta, then ended up grabbing a long overdue oil change and a chat with my old pal Tattoo Mike, (Yes, I know like 10 Mike's) who happens to work at the auto shop. What a coincidence. I headed back ot my boyfriends house after and managed to grab a bit of relaxation and a bit of alone time with him, too. At 5:00pm I managed to venture home and figured out how to raid my overgrown beast of a closet and emerge with something fabulous to wear. My sister Lacey and I figured we would hit the two dollar an hour happy hour with a friend downtown at a seafood place I love. A pseudo date if you will on my part. I'm so sneaky sometimes. Other times, I'm as sneaky as a mac truck on a dark highway with high beam on. I grabbed the mail on the way in the door to find another bill. This one for my MRI. The grand total $5,097.00. Good gravy is all I have to say. I feel like it shouldn't be so much for a radiologist to stick my neck & body in an oversized microwave, but whatever I guess! My sister and I hit happy hour running and it was good. There is something rather tasty about a $2.00 cheeseburger. Why are they tastier than regular ones? Can someone tell me why we get high off "free" or "dirt cheap"? After dinner we grabbed a cup of coffee across the street from happy hour Zen. I was feeling pretty good for a change today, all day and even through the night. The depression has subsided and the side effects have finally gone back to the place they came from -- a 1980's cheesy scary movie (They were THAT stupid & irritating). Life sometimes seems as if nothing has ever changed, that I'm dreaming and I'm going to wake up to normalness. It still remains a dream to me. My dream.

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