Sunday, September 04, 2005

September 4th, 2005

Today was recovery day from being up all night dancing and then being up all night from a storm. I made it to breakfast at 11:30am with a bunch of friends and then off to bed I went. Not too much too tell. I had the best steak and eggs this morning which took my mind of the fact that I had a cigarette or too last night. I know. Naughty. Sometimes weddings bring out the best of us AND the worst of our habits, i.e. a little imbibing or a lot of imbibing depending on your relation to the wedding party members. It sounded like a good idea at the time. Isn't that always the key part of that phrase??? "AT THE TIME?" I paid the price for it though. ONE GINORMOUS HEADACHE! (and rightfully deserving I was, I WILL admit). I headed off to bed and took a nap all afternoon. I finally got up around 5:30pm. I needed the sleep. I noticed that I spoke too soon and I quote, " I've not had any site reactions at all". I forgot to knock on wood apparently because my tummy on the left side now has a rash and my left leg has one, too! Poo! Good thing no one can see them. I finally made my way up and over to a friend's house for a dinner bbquizzle (bbq if you will). Good thing I didn't have to cook, because the only thing on my menu that night: cereal. Thanks Sean for making some very mean bbq beer ribs. I owe you. Off to bed at 9:oopm and I can't even tell you how thankful I am that tomorrow is a holiday. Happy Labor Day No One Has To Work Day!!! Cheers!

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camille said...

Hi michelle, i used to get those at times. i put on some hydrocortizone cream on the red spot. get the 1% in your local store.i used to get thos mild delayed pink spots from the rebif a day or two after the injection. i would especially notice them after i woke up because i may have been laying on that particular side.