Friday, September 02, 2005

September 2nd, 2005 - Injection #5

So today is Friday again and how sweet Fridays are. I was actually at work until 7pm finishing work that had been backed up from upgrading our servers for the last two days. Why I stayed, I have no idea? I just did. I never go home before I am supposed to. Always a half an hour or more later than the time I am supposed to leave. I gave another two bills this week to our HR guy today to reimburse for health insurance.
Running totals for this year since March:
In network deductible remaining: $237.68
Out of network deductible remaining: $810.28
Fortune Teller Say: "I see a deductible met here very near in the future, give me five dollars". My 5 days of IV treatment and two MRI's haven't even hit the numbers yet. Geez, medical stuff is outrageous. I took off finally at 7pm, packed some bags for the boyfriends house and off I went. I'm so happy this week is over. Between taking care of a petting zoo while my sister is out of town (2dogs, 2 ferrets) and trying to keep my professionalism and my calm this week, I'm exhausted. I actually only stopped for a bit to drop off my bags because I was off to some pre wedding festivities with some girlfriends. My friend Jillene is getting married tomorrow so I have yet another wedding to attend tomorrow. They just keep coming! So many weddings, so little summer. I played sober cab to a few girlfriends who were enjoying the festivities (Crissy and Robin were so cute all giggly) and finally hit the sheets at 2:00am. Before I hit the hay, I maneuvered injection #5 in the left leg. I just figured I'd rotate my sites in clockwise order so I don't get confused. (It does happen, ask my mom.) So far, that routine is working well. I did it and I think there's a little less phat, er fat in my leg than my tummy and it bled for a little bit. I did it when I came home at 2:00 am because I forgot earlier during my bag drop N' run. Oops. It seemed to smart in the leg a little, too. I'm going to have to check my chart and where/how to measure distances for injections again. That's twice now it's hurt and the last 3 times there wasn't anything. Maybe I'm overthinking. It's been known to happen. I slept like a brick tonight. Plop, bang, done, out. I probably should have been to bed a bit sooner, but how often do people you REALLY like get married? I'd bet in all honesty, of all the weddings we attend in our lifetime, only 10% are people we REALLY like. The rest are obligations. Not that I don't wish people well, just saying... Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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